Aya & Sura Deck Vol. 1

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Flashcards that bring us closer to the Quran!

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The Problem we have today

Here are 3 problems we have observed in our communities

Lack of Creativity

Despite everything else being flashy and encaptivating around us, our methods of teaching Islam lack that 0.0

Lack of Passion

Muslim youth are not connecting with the Holy Quran and their deen, especially now with COVID

Lack of Community

Due to social distancing, less people are going to Islamic communities, and muslim youth are not interacting with one another


Here is how we are going to change those problems!

Be Creative

We designed intuitive cards with illustrated memory anchors and applicable verses from the Quran that can be used for all ages ^.^

Creating Value

By providing applicable verses from the Quran in English, youth will become better connected to their deen

Building Community

Our platform gives Muslim youth access to connect with each other and make new friends who they can both learn and play with!

Your Role

Here are three ways you can help us with this project!


By buying a deck of flashcards, you not only will receive an excellent product, you help support us in creating more decks for different topics


Tell your friends, family members, and masjid contacts about our product and help spread awareness!

Enlist Your Center

Talk to your center about the opportunity to fundraise with us. We will donate 20% of every sale in your community to your center!



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